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Cobwebs to A Cherry grove

Singing of sorrows from deep below, a rumbling of sing song and water's lights glow
Touching of light and the soothing sounds of might; the love of the break comes at morning's night

Darkness consumes the reverberations of the singing bird
Searching and crawling, lost soul among feeling, the sorrows

Echoes of the signs left for us,
A song of fright
              Sound where there is no sound. Breath where there is no fight

We are alone

    Was I always lost?
fight me as I lay and fight me as I fray, tears of the forlorn 

Wailing into the night of forgotten sails
   This trail leads forever
                          Sorrow's song lead me

Drifting above, the world in silence
            Strumming cords of the Songbird's song

                Death has come . . .

              A gift has arrived

                                  The Spark

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December 24, 2013
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