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October 31, 2011
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Since it Is October 31st here, This is in Honor of James and Lily
This song seems to fit ( listen while you look )

James Potter _HP by mary-dreams     Autumn Memories by AndytheLemon
de nile. by trustahope  
Finally by Wish-UponAStar  Your Love Shines the Way by Alatariel-Amandil     what he really wants? by laugiancoli    prelude to a kiss. by ansimeone   that James Potter.. by viria13   Lily Evans by viria13      warm winter by viria13   War by ErDexie   .:James and Lily:. by Grouillote-oh   The Calm Before by hilarity   Those Were the Golden Days. by ErDexie   James et Lily by HitoFanart   James and Lily are studying. by viria13   Your Surrender"So how about here?"
"Madam Puddifoot's?"
"Merlin, no!" Lily said exasperatedly as he felt the frustration build in his shoulders.
Their first date was not going as he planned. He had wanted to sweep her off her feet and make her melt at how romantic he was. Though, after she said she didn't want to go to the Three Broomsticks, he had to come up with something new. Snow was beginning to fall around them as he waved at a few mates that were heading over to the Hog's Head.
Turning to look across at Lily, she was staring up at the snow as if she'd been waiting for it. Her deep emerald eyes seemed to sparkle as the snowflakes collected on her eyelashes and throughout her red hair. She looked gorgeous, slightly dusted with shimmering powder as she stuck out her tongue slowly to catch a stray flake. It gave him an idea.
"Stay here, will you? Don't leave, I promise I'll be right back," he put up his hands and grabbed her shoulders as if planting her into the ground. She ki
  his main victory by viria13     he will never stop. by viria13  small gift by viria13  james and Lily school time by LightMagicalLady  James+Lily by HennaLucas  James and Lily Potter by flam  May I Sit Here? by AndytheLemon  Lily and James Potter by quidwitch    James and Lily by IcaruOwl  A Scarlet Lily by aqvarelles  That James Potter... by burdge  Lily and James by moonlight-fox   never thought he'dbe like this by viria13   Lily Evans. by viria13  Lily y James in the Commonroom by nutella-frogs    Lily by seethesun  James and Lily: Deerly Beloved by behindinfinity  Morning by julvett  Wandless Magic by AndytheLemon  No fear of heights by lumen-a  Lily in Love by jolly2  +Commission+ Lily and James by Lumosita  we'll stay forever this way by viria13  I never dreamed you'd be mine by viria13    The Engagement by julvett  James and Lily by forgottenpantaloons  their moments by viria13  It's cold outside. by ErDexie  Pale September by ErDexie  sunlights. by viria13   Hey, What's Up?MINISTRY CALLS FOR MUGGLE-BORN REGISTRY
Muggle-borns are now being asked to submit details of their families to the Department of Magical Law Enforcement for protection purposes. The Minister for Magic has said:
"The threat to Muggle-born witches and wizards is becoming increasingly dangerous. At this time, all Muggle-borns should be registered along with their families for protection."
It has been argued by activist for Muggle Rights, Ramona Deflaw that 'this is a concealed consensus of information that could get into the wrong hands and cause irreparable damage.'
Conflict has arisen over the amount of protection that will be provided to the unsuspecting families but no such confirmation has been made at this time. The Minister however is adamant that the registry will begin immediately.

Lily was alone at breakfast, as usual. James was still snoring away when she left the Head's dormitory; she decided that he looked too peaceful to wake. The latest edition of t
   Head Boy and Girl by conniiption Family by LilyRedHaired Wandless Magic by AndytheLemon  The Potter Family by Alatariel-Amandil   James, Lily and Harry by Hillary-CW  Baby Harry, James and Lily by Spacekitty04  Mother's eyes by LilyRedHaired  <da:thumb id="187158950"/>
do your best,James. by viria13 The Calm Before by hilarity   <da:thumb id="202679730"/> Erised by TomScribble

"You think the dead we loved ever truly leave us? You think we don’t recall them more clearly than ever in times of great trouble? Your father is alive in you, Harry, and shows himself plainly when you have need of him. How else could you produce that particular Patronus? Prongs rode again last night."

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Just a tribute for James and Lily :heart: With it being Halloween
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Gryffgirl Featured By Owner Nov 3, 2011
I love them--thanks for sharing all of the lovely art here. Beautiful tribute! :heart:
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THank you :heart:
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Very beautiful and tender.
Thank you very much!

This soul that love us - always us.
violetstory Featured By Owner Nov 1, 2011
:heart: I am glad you can feel it :D
moonlight-fox Featured By Owner Oct 31, 2011  Student Digital Artist
<3 <3 I like how even when they are not physically present they still support harry in spirit ~
violetstory Featured By Owner Oct 31, 2011
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